The Music Box - Kessler Park
(I-30 and Loop 12)

Check here for availability at our Love Field location

Rooms listed as Rent Now are available for immediate move-in. Rooms listed as Reserve Now will be available for move-in soon. Please call or e-mail us to check updated timeframes for a specific room that listed as Reserve Now

No commitment necessary (month to month), but we do offer discounts for those interested in the long haul! Just note which option you want in the "Pricing Plan" field during the online rental process!
  • 6-months = 10% off monthly rate
  • 12-months = 15% off monthly rate
For IMMEDIATE move-in, choose 'Rent Now'
To move-in at a later date, choose 'Reserve Now'
If no room is currently available, add yourself to the Waitlist to get notified of an opening prior to it being listed publically.

*Any additional discounts, credits and bonuses are reflected in your account after registering


Small extra small filled

Small room to fit a drum kit or solo artist

$250 / month

Waiting List


Small extra large filled

A Jumbo room can hold your 5-piece band, backup vocalists AND your dance crew!

$1,200 / month


Small large filled

Large room to fit a 5-piece rock band

$575 / month

Waiting List


Small large filled

These rooms are a premium version of a standard Large. You can expect more space than a Large, but not quite a Jumbo.

$675 / month

Waiting List


Small medium filled

Medium sized practice room for a 3-piece band

$450 / month


Small small filled

Small room to fit a two-piece ensemble

$350 / month

Waiting List